Travelers is a datapack that allows you to move faster on grass or polished block paths! Its second function is to automatically generate grass paths where you and your friends walk the most.

Minecraft 1.17+




Features of Travelers

Travel effect: fast travel

With Travelers, if you walk or run on paths, you gain +30% movement speed. This amount is configurable.

Paths can be composed of :

  • dirt_path (formerly grass_path)
  • a “polished” block (#polished)

You can add your own blocks to the paths list:

  • Find the datapack folder and open the file data/tvl/predicates/travel_bonus.json with a text editor.
  • In this file you can modify or add the following line: “minecraft:dirt_path“, by the block of your choice (example: “minecraft:coarse_dirt“)
  • Save the file and use /reload in game.

Path generator

When you walk on grass, you trample it. After 5 passes (configurable), the grass becomes a dirt path. You get the travel effect which increases the speed of movement on this new path.
If you frequent a path too much, you end up destroying it. After 25 passages (configurable), it turns into dirt. You lose the travel effect.

Tip: On busy paths, it is best to pave the ground with polished blocks to avoid the problem of path destruction.

Regeneration of roads

If you don’t use a path anymore, it will regenerate little by little.
Every 10 minutes, the paths regenerate by 1 passage. The old paths will disappear.


Change options of Travelers

You can make the command in the chat. You must be an operator.

/function tvl:options/get

Uninstall the datapack

You can make the command in the chat. You must be an operator.

/function tvl:uninstall