Combat Set



Combat Set is a datapack that modifies the equipment in depth. The armors and weapons correspond to RPG archetypes. Assassin, Tank, Buffer… Choose your role!

Minecraft 1.17+





Features of Combat Set

Armor Set

The armor sets are oriented towards an archetype: offense, defense or magic.
To obtain a set and its associated skill, you must have at least 3 pieces of the same set equipped on you.

Set’s Skill

Each set allows you to obtain a special skill, active or passive.
Some of them are triggered with the sneak key, others by sprinting, and finally, some skills are passive (and therefore automatic).

Offensive Sets

Leather Set

The Leather combat set offers light protection. On the other hand, high mobility and attack speed is possible, enhanced by the sprint skill.
The statistics are: increased damage, attack speed and movement speed.

Netherite Set

The Netherite battle set offers hight average protection, and stands out from the other sets with its ability to inflict heavy damage, enhanced by the deadly Berserk skill that adds damage, attack speed and movement speed for fiew seconds.
The stats are: high damage increase, toughness and push resistance.

Defensive Sets

Chainmail Set

The Chainmail Combat Set offers medium protection and high survivability and very decent offensive stats. The regeneration skill makes it the ultimate lone warrior armor.
The stats are: increased damage, attack speed and movement speed.

Iron Set

The Iron Battle Set offers heavy protection. Its mobility is low, but its Fortress skill allows you to tank almost any damage, as long as you protects yourself at the right time.
The statistics are: immense defensive power, robustness and low movement speed.

Magical Sets

Diamond Set

The Diamond Battle Set offers no physical protection but surrounds the wearer with a magical shield. The skill allows the wearer to passively share a small part of his shield with nearby allies.
The statistics are: a shield replaces armor, increased movement speed.

Golden Set

The Golden battle set is the plume of kings. In exchange for low mobility and attack speed, the wearer encourages nearby allies, giving them strength and courage. The armor gives a slight toughtness.
The stats are: low attack and mobility stats, toughness and attack buff.


Each type of weapon has one or more variants. Each weapon has its own statistics and gameplay.
To do this, craft the basic weapon or tool, and equip it once. Then, add 3 iron ingots to get a heavy version, or 3 copper ingots to get a light version on an anvil (see next section below).
See image below.

Armor Enchancement

Each weapon or piece of armor can be upgraded on an anvil.
To do this, place the piece of equipment on the anvil and add 3 iron ingots to get a heavy version, or 3 copper ingots to get a light version.

A piece of heavy armor increases armor, but reduces movement speed.
A piece of light armor increases movement speed but reduces armor.
Weapons are reforged into a brand new weapon.


Options of Combat Set

You can type the command in the chat. You must be an operator.

/function fkcs:options/get

Uninstall the datapack

You can type the command in the chat. You must be an operator.

/function fkcs:uninstall