RIP DarkSouls



RIP is a datapack that creates a soul when a player dies! The more you die, the less hearts you have. Go back and get your soul quickly! It also keeps the last death position in Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.16+




Features of RIP

Your death position

When you die, or when you use the /trigger lastDeath command, your last death position is returned in the chat!
Useful to find your way back to your equipment!

Warning: this is the last death only!

RIP! Your soul is waiting for you

Every time you die, you leave a part of your soul on the ground.
You may also come across other people’s souls, and depending on the name on the soul, you may know who it belongs to!
Your soul stays on earth for 2 hours, then it disappears forever.

Each part of a soul you lose takes away 1 heart. You must get your souls back to get your hearts back!

Protective souls

Your souls protect objects that have fallen to the ground. As long as you haven’t collected a soul, objects are protected from disappearing in a small radius!


Change options of RIP

You can make the command in the chat. You must be an operator.

/function rip:options/get

Uninstall the datapack

You can make the command in the chat. You must be an operator.

/function rip:uninstall