Nether Start Challenge



Nether Start Challenge is a datapack that allows you to start the adventure directly in the Nether! As long as you haven’t passed through a portal, you will reappear in the Nether, even if you die.

Minecraft 1.16+




Nether Start Challenge Cover

Features of Nether Start Challenge

Respawn Kit

After installing Nether Start Challenge, new players are immediately sent into the Nether.
The inventory is cleared and replaced with 1 Nether Anchor and 4 Glowstone.

Warning: clicking on reroll will clear the inventory again before you move to a new spawn.

Nether Start Challenge spawn kit

Build your door

To complete the challenge and escape the Nether, you must rebuild a Nether Portal. Obsidian block and lighter will be needed.

Nether Start Challenge portail du nether
Nether Start Challenge Complete


Force a respawn

You can make the command in the chat. This command is public.

/trigger nsc_reroll