Elytra Steamer



Elytra Steamer is a Minecraft datapack that increases your Elytra. Three new propulsion modes are available: jetpack, submarine and aircraft.

Minecraft 1.13+






Elytra Steamer craft

To craft your engine, you need an Elytra, a Lava Bucket and an Furnace.
Throw these 3 items on a crafting table, and your Elytra will be transformed into a powerfull Steamer!

HUD display

When your Elytra is equipped, if you look at your feet (below) you will have access to the display of power and fuel. Useful to know your fuel reserves without turning on the engine!

Turn on/off the engine

To turn on the engine: look at your feet and sneak (crouch) until the engine turns on. You will hear the engine start and smoke is produced.
To turn off the engine: let the engine cool down, then look above you (perfectly up) and sneak (crouch) once.

Once started, stay pressed on sneak button to use the throttle, and thus increase the power of the engine.

Jetpack propulsion

The jetpack allows air travel on the vertical axis.
Use the sneak key to gain speed. You can also break a fall by accelerating at the right moment.

Underwater propulsion

The underwater propulsion allows water travel on the horizontal axis.
Use the sneak key to accelerate. In order not to sink, you must also press the jump key. You can then direct your gaze to the water.

Aircraft propulsion

Airplane propulsion allows air travel on the horizontal axis.
Use the sneak key to gain speed. Watch out for the walls!

Fuel managment

Your fuel reserve is entirely configurable (see options) : quantity, consumption, regeneration… Enjoy yourself, we are not here to save money!
The best way to regen your fuel is to create a Gas Station.

Gas Station

You can create a gas station yourself, anywhere! You will need a coal block, a lava bucket and a dispenser!
Drop the 3 items on the block where you want to create the station.

The little extras

Ground combustion

Warning: if you reach maximum power while still on the ground, the charred ground may catch fire.

Sonic Bang

If you put a throttle in flight when you are already close to the maximum power (>80%), the steamer implodes and accelerates brutally. Very stylish, however, this consumes a significant amount of fuel

Options and commands

Change options

Open the properties.mcfunction file of the datapack.
To change an option, you need to change the 1 to 0, or vice versa, depending on whether you want to enable or disable the option. Follow a similar tutorial to learn more.

## Fuel

# Player max fuel limit (mL)
# Default : 60000
# Modify the max thrutle duration
scoreboard players set MaxFuel ES_options 60000

# Base fuel consume
# Modify the fuel consume ratio
# Default : 3
# Mininum : 1
# Maximum : 10
scoreboard players set ConsumeFuel ES_options 3

# Player ground auto refuel (mL)
# Fuel regeneration each tick on ground
# Default : 5
scoreboard players set GroundRefuel ES_options 5

# Player fly auto refuel (mL)
# Fuel regeneration each tick during a flight
# Default : 1
scoreboard players set FlightRefuel ES_options 1

# Player air auto refuel (mL)
# Fuel regeneration each tick in jetpack/water
# Default : 1
scoreboard players set AirRefuel ES_options 1

# Gas Station refuel (mL)
# Fuel regeneration each tick in a Gas Station
# Default : 100
scoreboard players set GasStationRefuel ES_options 100

## Display

# HUD in actionbar
# 0 : Disable hud
# 1 : Enable hud L liter
# 2 : Enable hud % percent
scoreboard players set HudFuel ES_options 1

# Particules
# 0 : Disable particules
# 1 : Enable all particules
# 2 : Enable fiew particules
scoreboard players set SmokeParticules ES_options 1

# Sounds
# 0 : Disable sounds
# 1 : Enable sounds
scoreboard players set EngineSounds ES_options 1

## Other

# Ground ignite
# Max thrust on ground ignite the floor (keep mode)
# Default : 1
# 0 : Disable ignite
# 1 : Enable ignite
scoreboard players set GroundCombustion ES_options 1

# Gas Station creation
# Allow gas station crafting (dispenser + coal block + lava bucket)
# Default : 1
# 0 : Disable gas station craft
# 1 : Enable gas station craft
scoreboard players set GasStation ES_options 1

Uninstall the datapack

You can make the order in the chat as an operator:

/function es:uninstall