Vegan Master



Vegan Master is a datapack that allows you to play a game as a vegan. By climbing on the totem, you commit yourself to the path of respect!

Minecraft 1.15+




Features of Vegan Master

Totem ritual to become vegan

To become vegan, you must build a ritual totem.
It is made up, from top to bottom, of blocks of :

  • Melon (melon)
  • Pumpkin (pumpkin)
  • Hay (hay_block)
  • Dried kelp (dried_kelp_bloc)

Stand on top of the ritual totem for a few seconds to become vegan!

vegan master totem

If you are already vegan, climbing on the totem will let you know how long you have been vegan.

vegan master daycount

Leaving the vegan mode

To leave the vegan mode, you must eat forbidden foods up to the defined limit.
By default, this limit is 5 (configurable). This count decreases by 1 per day.

Prohibition to use animal components

Odor and disgust particles appear if you have a forbidden object on you, in your hand, or equipped.
Moreover, if you eat a forbidden food, you will have difficulty digesting it, and will have stomach cramps randomly.

vegan master forbidden

Love, not war

Animals are now your friends. So you must not exploit them, kill them or make them suffer.
If you take care of them, they will pay you back with a regeneration effect.

vegan master animal

Alternative crafts and trophies

In order to craft without using forbidden materials, you have alternatives (see screenshot).

Alternative Crafts: vegetal book, straw bed, bamboo carpet, vegetal string, vegetal honeycomb, paper item frame, paper painting, bamboo banner and vegetal honey.

vegan master craft
vegan master advancements

Strict Mode (disabled by default)

If you are looking for a stricter experience, you can activate the StrictMod in the datapack options.
This will remove most non-vegan items from the vegan inventory every 3 seconds.

vegan master strictmod


Change options of Vegan Master

You can make the command in the chat. You must be an operator.

/function fkvm:options/get
vegan master options

Uninstall the datapack

You can make the command in the chat. You must be an operator.

/function fkvm:uninstall