GoreMod is a datapack that adds some gore effects to purely cosmetic vanilla Minecraft. Falling impacts, blood, bleeding… PEGI 18 !

Minecraft 1.15+




Features of Goremod

Blood on damage

Blood particles appear when you take or inflict damage. Depending on the entity, the blood comes in different colors (zombie bleeds dark red and green, skeleton bleeds bone color…)


When you kill an entity, it bleeds to death! Depending on the creature killed, the effect is different.

  • Blood type: living creatures and players…
  • Bone type: skeletons, wither…
  • Insect type: spiders, bees…
  • Zombie type: all the dead living of flesh.

Blood traces

When you are fighting or bleeding, traces of blood appear on the ground. They disappear after 3 minutes (the disappearance time is configurable in the options).


Depending on your current health, more or less important bleeding will appear. This is purely cosmetic and does not affect your statistics.

  • 6+ hearts: no effect
  • 4-6 hearts: light bleeding
  • 2-4 hearts: heavy bleeding
  • 0-2 hearts: permanent bleeding


Your falls result in a small earth-shattering effect, dust and blood (of course). Also cosmetic, it gives a little more impact to the fall damage.


You now suffocate in style: bubbles come out of your lungs. Water bleeding is also different: it slowly dissolves in water.


Change options of Goremod

You can make the command in the chat. You must be an operator.

/function gm:options/get

Uninstall the datapack

You can make the command in the chat. You must be an operator.

/function gm:uninstall